Incubating, and scaling the emerging low-carbon economy.


Built on the Ethereum blockchain based cryptocurrency, Space Alpha Tokens (SAT) aim to accelerate the low-carbon economy.


The low-carbon transition is feasible and affordable. All entities and consumers can accelerate this all sector process by starting to finance, pay, and invest into evolving markets when using the Space Alpha Token currency. Parts of the ICO funding will directly be used to support low-carbon projects.


Space Alpha will issue certificate badges, for selected businesses who meet our requirements, and list these on the SAT platform. Additional businesses who adopt SAT can register to be listed, offering a way to connect with the SAT network.

Notice that all information on this website is preliminary, information will be added and changed.

Only 50% of Space Alpha Tokens are obtainable, the other half are the Space Alpha Token Fund (SATF), released in small quantities depending on SAT market capitalization.  SATF are used to fund low-carbon projects, with neutral and negative carbon emission priority, and possibly climate research.

This currency model offers everybody the chance to directly influence efforts to jumpstart new and existing entities of the low-carbon economy.

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