Frequently Asked Questions

How do Space Alpha Tokens tap into the cryptocurrency market?

After token launch, Space Alpha Tokens (SAT) buyers automatically take part in the cryptocurrency market, since they own market tokens. The current market value of SAT reflects what you own, and what Space Alpha possibly can achieve.

What’s the difference between funding a project with USD or Bitcoin or SATs?

Ofc you can fund projects with other currencies, but this would mean its an individual choice, the mainstream approach.

Space Alpha Tokens are unique since they enable investments, by SAT owners simply trading, paying with it. Imagine each time you buy something with $ you contribute to the potential of funding something to reduce our emissions.

How does Space Alpha make investments into the global emerging low carbon economy?

Depending on the SAT market value and thresholds, vetted low-carbon scope projects are funded. If a funded project becomes profitable they return the funds in form of SAT, or we fund them and in return they offer SAT as a payment option.

Is the cryptocurrency Space Alpha Tokens (SAT) energy intensive?

Space Alpha Tokens are created with a fixed amount, they are not minable, thus there is only a marginal amount of energy consumption when computing token currency transactions, or for powering a token wallet.

Why Space Alpha wants to channel funds into a diverse range of promising projects and technologies

Because the technology exists to achieve a 100% renewable energy economy, but it lacks roll-out and faces manufacturing bottlenecks, and the climate crisis demands faster actions to achieve the low-carbon economy.