• Computer: Optimized drag and drop for apps.
  • Crafting: Added more kitchen crafting recipes.
    Crafting: Added related crafting items to vendor.
  • Painting: Added a freestyle painting mode. The new mode is currently tested and active per default. This feature is still under development.
  • Updated game default render settings. This is a test with the aim to improve performances. You can always enable / disable shadows and other graphic settings from the game graphics settings menu.
  • Optimized interactables, all items and actors should now be interactable by mouse click or pressing E when standing nearby. Though interaction per key input may fail when not properly facing the interactable target. This will likel ybe improved in the future.
  • Feature: Climbing added, level content still requires tweaking in regards to what is climbable what is not.

For more visit Graffiti Battle at Steam.

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